Some Of The Best Music Festivals In Europe


From electronic to jazz, from rock to pop – we can’t deny that music festivals have definitely upped people’s expectations a notch on “beats and rhythms.”

However, if you’re looking forward to have a whole new level of music experience near London, it’s only right for you to know about Europe’s very own music festivals.

Here are some of the best ones:

Sónar Music Festival in Barcelona, Spain

“The heat is on” will definitely become “the heat is really on.”

This electronic music festival is held in Barcelona every June of the year for 3 days. It has been divided into two parts: Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night. It also comes with Sónar+D, which is a gathering of people who are into music and creativity – or technology and business. It was founded back in 1994 by Ricard Robles, a music journalist; Sergio Caballero, a visual artist; and Enric Palau, a musician.

Reading and Leeds Music Festival in Reading and Leeds, England

Who says “Reading” is boring? Who says “Leeds” is numbing?

This rock music festival is held in Reading and Leeds every August of the year for 3 days – separately, but simultaneously. It’s also held during bank holidays, a.k.a. public holidays in The United Kingdom and other Commonwealth places in Europe. It was founded back in 1955 with Reading’s music festival being the oldest among the two.

Iceland Airwaves Music Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland

“No other wave” compares to “Iceland Airwaves.”

This varied music festival is held in Reykjavik every November of the year for 5 days. It showcases music not just from Iceland, but also from other parts of the world. It also showcases the Blue Lagoon Chill, a geothermal body of water (one great reason to book a flight from London to Reykjavik in advance now). It was founded back in 1999 with an “unbelievable zest” for both music and festivities.

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