4 Easy Steps to Give Your Music Studio a New Look

Spray-painting a whole music studio? Why not?!


Every paint job is now easier and quicker with spray paint. It takes almost half the time to be applied, making it faster to dry completely compared to when you use rollers and brushes.


So, for this project, we’ll show you how easy it is to repaint your whole music studio with a quality spray gun.


Let’s get going!

Step 1: Select the paint color

The first thing to do is to choose the color of the paint for your studio. Let the color speak of what music and type of band you are. Just like songs, colors have meanings too! So if you usually play mellow, calm, and jazz songs, you can settle with light-colored paint like mint green, light blue, or the favorite—white. If your band usually plays songs that focus on sophistication and power, you might want to go for purple or violet.


Light yellow is for those who play country or jolly songs. After all, yellow is the color of happiness.  If you’re in a band that plays romantic songs, clearly you have pink or red as choices. How about black? It’s for those who play rock, metal, or alternative rock. You might want to choose green if you play energetic songs or ones that speak of nature and ambition. On the other hand, the different wood colors compliment classical songs.


Take note that you can combine colors. But do be careful about it.


Darker colors also make the room appear smaller than it is, but you can solve that issue using complimentary lights.


If you don’t have enough money for lights, then you need to settle with a light-colored paint.


If you can’t decide on the color, you can stick with neutral or earth tones with a few accented walls. For instance, you can have the entire room colored gray and white, and the accented wall can be painted yellow.

Step 2: Cleaning time


Prepare the room by removing every single thing. Thoroughly clean the walls, the ceiling, and the floor. Use soap and water if necessary. If there are cracks and gaps, use a filler. Don’t ignore those holes, because they’ll show up even after painting.

Step 3: Painting

Apply a primer, wear the appropriate outfit for painting (mask, gloves, eyewear, proper shoes, and old clothes), and install the paint in your paint gun.


Start with the ceiling of your studio, then move on to the walls. Apply the square method for both. When painting the floor, paint in rows, so you don’t step on the paint. Start with the corner farthest away from the door.

Step 4: Waiting time

Leave the paint to dry. Give it at least 24 hours before you return the items and set them up. It’s also recommended to paint the cabinets outside the room too, so they’ll have the same color with your studio.


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